Davenport House Surgery, Harpenden
Bowers Way

E-Referrals (Choose and Book)

If you are referred on the NHS, our secretaries are able to access a direct booking system.
For most referrals our secretaries will book an appointment directly with the hospital through the E-referral system: they will send paperwork to you confirming your appointment with your booking reference number and password.  If you have any queries regarding your appointment or need to change the date, please contact the Central Booking Office (telephone number on your paperwork) or the on-line appointment module (details on your paperwork) . If you have problems making contact with the service, please contact our secretaries on 01582 463005/ 01582 463016.
On occasions appointments may not be available through this route and you will be notified direct by the hospital of any appointments booked outside the E-referral system.