Davenport House Surgery, Harpenden
Bowers Way

Ensure my records are not shared with other agencies

The practice is committed to ensuring your records are kept confidential at all times. All staff are aware of the surgery's policies regarding the storing, sharing and sending of data and breaches of our policies are viewed most seriously.

On occasions it may be necessary to video-record some consultations for our training doctors. You will be advised in advance if a doctor wishes to record your consultation, and your permission will be sought. Tapes will only be used by doctors for teaching purposes. In addition, as part of our training requirements, we are occasionally assessed by other visiting GPs. These GPs will require to review notes in order to verify that our standards of medical records are satisfactory. Please let the practice manager know if you have any objections to this so that your wishes can be recorded.

The practice is committed to audit its organisational and clinical care with a view to improving its standards. From time to time we will become involved with outside bodies in research work such as the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the General Practice Research Database (GPRD). Where patients’ records are used for research purposes this is done in such a way to ensure anonymity.If this is not possible, patients will be contacted prior to any information leaving the practice.

If youhave any concerns about the security and/or confidentiality of your records, please contact the practice manager.