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Online Services - Test Results, Ask a Doctor and more

Please note that Davenport House Surgery operate 2 different online services systems which require 2 separate sets of login information.
Appointments, Repeat Prescriptions Amend contact details...
Ask a Doctor, Register as a new patient and more...

Additional Online Services

Davenport House Surgery allows you to access many of your practice services safely and securely on the web. You will be able to make requests of your practice and receive responses back from the practice.

At present the following services are available online:

  • Update your Personal Details
  • Registering as a New Patient
  • Requesting Test Results
  • Ask a Doctor (non urgent queries only)
  • Request Travel Vaccinations
  • Get advice on managing Asthma

Sign up to Additional Online Services

You can sign up to access these services online. Simply complete the 'sign up' form and you will be emailed a password for future logins.
New users can register now.

Enter Additional Online Services

After registration is complete, you can log on using your registered email address and password.

Enter Additional Online Services

If you have any technical difficulties with using these services, such as loss of password, inability to "log-on", please contact info@siliconpractice.co.uk who will be able to help you.

Information on using Online Services