Minor Surgery

Facilities are available in the surgery for a wide range of minor operations, including the removal of skin tumours, moles and toe nail surgery. 

Patients must see their GP before a minor surgical operation is undertaken to discuss the procedure and any important features such as risk of scarring and recovery time.

We do not encourage patient's or parents to ask for minor surgery to common warts or veruccas which are often generally painful to perform and best left alone especially in young children.

Cosmetic surgery is also regarded as low priority and we ask patients not to request valuable minor surgical time to deal with skin tags or minor skin problems. See your doctor if unsure. 

Sigmoidoscopies (looking into the bowel using a special instrument) are occasionally performed in the surgery or by referral to the Luton and Dunstable hospital. The latter is an important investigation for conditions causing bleeding from the rectum or a persistent change in bowel habit for more than a few weeks.